Between Baronovskys
Written and directed by Kimberly Levin
Cast: Helen (Peggy Cowles) Dot (Adale O’Brien), Morris (Bob Burrus)

Most short films are long films disguised as shorts. As a film programmer for Seattle International Film Festival, I know this after viewing around a thousand films a year. This makes it even more surprising to view a perfect little short, Between Baronovskys, a film that makes you want to know more about the unspoken dialogue of history between two sisters in their seventies. Set in a town in Kentucky, Helen - played to perfection by Peggy Cowles - is grieving over her husband’s death and her sister Dot (Adale O’Brien) doesn’t know what to do with her. Should she have her committed for her crazy acts of grief or just banish her from her life? The old adage that “blood is thicker than water” really hits home in this film about time with its old wounds, losses and new beginnings. Nothing extra is said - nothing extra is shown. Director Kim Levin has crafted a gem without fluff in her remarkable debut film of 19 minutes.

Maryna Ajaja
June, 2005